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Manage Your Buildings Better

Aquicore helps commercial real estate leaders all over the country to get deeper insights out of the buildings in their portfolios. Armed with secure IoT technology, an in-depth look into building processes, and powerful communication tools, you can fine-tune every aspect of your operations. 

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About Aquicore

Aquicore is an intelligent buildings company founded on the principle that the right tools in the right hands can get us to a fiscally and environmentally sustainable future. We use rapidly deployable sensors, real-time information systems, and smart technology to provide a high-resolution view into the built environment. By tracking and analyzing these processes, Aquicore empowers real estate stakeholders at every level to create places that are more human, more sustainable, and more productive.


What do we do?

Aquicore is the first smart asset management system designed for intuitive use across your entire portfolio. We use digital sensors and the Internet of Things to pull building data into the cloud, where it can be processed and visualized in our online platform. Algorithms apply data analytics techniques to extract actionable insights for you and your team. Internal communication and budget tracking tools help stakeholders stay on top of developing projects and keep everyone accountable. And mobile dashboards provide access to the information you're looking for at a glance wherever you are in the world. 

Where do I start?

Request a demonstration above to connect with us. We'll walk you through the top-of-the-line features and tools provided in the Aquicore platform and discuss the deliverables you can expect for the buildings in your portfolio. These tools help building teams to work more efficiently and unlock between 15 and 50 cents per square foot of utility savings. Further reductions in operating expenses, thanks to operational efficiency and averted losses, push that figure even higher.



We just had our lowest energy bill EVER. I would never have been able to achieve this on my own without Aquicore’s real-time information and customer success team. 

Markus Rechny, Parmenter

The installation of Aquicore blew my socks off. The speed and quality of the installation in the biggest asset of our portfolio was second to none.

Ben Myers, Boston Properties

I sleep better at night knowing that, if anything goes wrong, I will be alerted immediately. The new water monitoring system alleviates stress over events that could cause inefficiency in operations.

Jim Lewis, The Tower Companies