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The State of CRE: 2017 and 2018

Aquicore asked four thought leaders in fields that affect commercial real estate to take a look back and a look forward as 2018 gets underway. 

  •  Michael Beckerman, CEO of The News Funnel and CRE Tech, spoke to us about the changing real estate startup environment.
  • Catie Dixon, managing editor of Bisnow, talked about the challenges and successes of women in commercial real estate.
  • Richard Silberman, CEO of Healthy Buildings International, explained why the wellness moment took off in 2017.
  • Derek Roberts, revitalization liaison for the National Air and Space Museum, discussed the current policy environment's impact on urban planning. 
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About Aquicore

Aquicore is an intelligent buildings company founded on the principle that the right tools in the right hands can get us to a fiscally and environmentally sustainable future. We use rapidly deployable sensors, real-time information systems, and smart technology to provide a high-resolution view into the built environment. By tracking and analyzing these processes, Aquicore empowers real estate stakeholders at every level to create places that are more human, more sustainable, and more productive.